Simple Meal Options To Send To Grieving Families At Funeral homes Metairie, LA

Posted on July 20, 2020 by Edward Muhleisen under Funeral Homes
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funeral homes in Metairie, LAIf you are planning to attend a funeral at funeral homes in Metairie, LA, you may also be thinking about taking a meal to the family either at the funeral home or to their own home after the service. This is a nice gesture and not only shows the family that you care about them, but it also makes it so they don’t have to take the time to prepare their own meals and can simply rest and eat when they return home from the service. Here are a few simple options to consider sending.


Casseroles are a good option because they feed a lot of people and they are affordable. You can find hundreds of different casserole recipes online and you can even make them a few days before the funeral service and freeze them. You can deliver them to the family frozen and they can choose to reheat them and eat them the same day you send them, or keep them frozen and eat them when they have more time or don’t have so much other food being brought to them.


There’s something about soups that make them comforting. Many people don’t feel like eating a lot of food or eating heavy meals. You can offer them soups as something light that will nourish them and give them the energy to get through the funeral service. You can choose from many different soup recipes and you can even prepare the soup and freeze it if desired. You can also serve toppings and crackers so the family will have everything they need to enjoy the soup or share it with other people who may be staying with them during the funeral service.


You will cant go wrong with a dessert and there are hundreds of options to choose from. You can bring cakes, cookies, donuts, and pies. You can also choose to make these items yourself or you can order them from a local bakery. You can also even choose to buy them from the local grocery store. Desserts can be eaten after other meals or it can even be saved and eaten for breakfast the next day. Most people enjoy desserts and they can even be served as a refreshment at the funeral home if desired.

funeral homes in Metairie, LA

If you are planning to attend a funeral at funeral homes in Metairie, LA, and want to take a meal to the family, you can consider bringing some of the above suggestions. You can also come up with other meal options that are sure to make the family happy and provide them with something tasty to enjoy. If you are ready to plan a funeral service and need help, be sure to reach out to the L.A. Muhleisen & Son Funeral Home. We are happy to assist you with all aspects of funeral planning. We will work with you to come up with the perfect funeral for your loved one. Give us a call or stop by today to learn more.

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