Should You Have A Photographer At Funeral Services?

Posted on July 4, 2022 by Edward Muhleisen under Funeral Homes
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Losing a loved one causes everyone to grieve differently. Having family photos or even photos of your deceased loved ones at a funeral is perfectly acceptable, regardless of how you grieve. Taking pictures yourself or hiring someone to do so is an option. You can ensure meaningful and respectful funeral photography at funeral homes in Metairie, LA by following these tips. Photographers are available for your loved one’s cremation if you decide to have one, and we can assist you with the planning.

Set Boundaries

Set some boundaries before you begin taking photos and allowing guests to do the same. Be sure you take only photos at the funeral that are respectful and will make everyone feel appreciated. Consider what will be comfortable for you and your guests. It is important to make your plans clear to guests and to the funeral home director so they can help ensure that everything goes as planned at the services. You can choose which things can be photographed and which cannot.

Inform Guests

In the case of a funeral service where you plan to take pictures, you should inform the guests in advance. You should also inform them what to wear if they appear in some of the pictures. Funerals aren’t necessarily formal affairs, and many people prefer not to dress up. Providing advance notice to your guests allows them to be prepared for the services and the possibility of getting their photo taken or seeing someone else get their photo taken.

Hire A Professional

funeral home in Metairie LAConsider hiring a photographer if you want your photos taken professionally. If you have some specific plans for the photos, it’s best to communicate those with them and let them take the photos. During the funeral service, you will likely be overwhelmed with emotion and busy. Your top priority is spending time with your family, so you will not be concerned about the photos. During your service, the photographer can take photos of the guests or events that take place while you focus on finding closure.

A funeral service for a loved one can include photography in a number of ways. things are important to consider so that you can make the right plans. We are here to help you with funeral home preplanning at funeral homes in Metairie, LA . If you need our assistance, please contact us. If you need funeral photography, we can help. We invite you to contact us or stop by to learn more about our services. We can work with you to arrange all the details and ensure your funeral services go exactly as planned. Don’t hesitate to let us help you anyway we can. We want your funeral services to go as smoothly as possible for you and your family check our testimonials.