How To Plan A Simple Cremation

Posted on July 18, 2022 by Edward Muhleisen under Cremation Services
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You can make your cremation as simple or complex as you like, and it can include many of the same aspects as a traditional funeral. People are often of the opinion that cremation should be as simple as possible, and that they do not want much fuss made over their final days. As far as how to handle your cremation services in Metairie, LA goes, it’s up to you and your family. Here are a few points to consider before you make a decision about whether or not to have a direct cremation or something simple and plain.

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is the quickest and easiest method. Your loved one can be cremated immediately following their death. Cremation may be the best option if your loved one doesn’t want anything fancy and would prefer to be buried without a lot of planning and money spent on them. The cremation services your loved one deserves can also be provided cheapest using this method. As a direct cremation can usually be arranged fairly quickly, direct cremation is a great option for those who need a quick burial for a loved one.

Small Gathering

It is possible for some guests to attend the cremation, despite its simplicity. Invite only a few close family members and friends to a memorial service or cremation ceremony rather than an entire crowd. Guests can share memories and special moments with the deceased at a reception that will be held later on. By doing this, you can reduce your service costs and avoid a lot of planning. You can simply tell your guests that they are invited to the reception and let them know that it will celebrate the life of your deceased loved one and honor their memory.

Keep It Natural

cremation services in Metairie LASimply keeping things natural is a better way to keep things simple than adding a lot of things. Avoid embalming the body by having the cremation occur quickly. You can also leave off the clothing and keep the entire process natural. This is a popular cremation choice for those who do not want to dress up for a service or want a simple and natural service. The ashes can also be spread naturally if you wish.

There are several cremation options available to those who need cremation services in Metairie, LA. An easy cremation that involves fewer people and doesn’t require too much planning might be the best option. With a direct cremation, you can keep things simple. For assistance with planning, please get in touch with us. We will handle all cremation arrangements. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. The entire process of burying your loved one does not have to be stressful. All the details can be worked out so you are satisfied and feel that your deceased loved one has the goodbye they deserve. Call us or pay us a visit to learn about all the ways we can help you in designing a permanent memorialization.