How to Choose an Outfit for Your Loved One’s Services

Posted on March 1, 2021 by Edward Muhleisen under Funeral Homes
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When you are planning a funeral service for a loved one there are a lot of things to consider and some that you may not think about at first. One of those things is the type of outfit you will choose for your loved one to be buried in. This doesn’t have to be a difficult decision but it is one that you want to make sure you put a lot of thought into. If you are having a hard time choosing the right outfit for a loved one’s services at funeral homes in Kenner, LA, be sure to keep some of these tips and suggestions in mind.


Something That Fits

You always want to make sure you choose an outfit that fits your loved one well. You don’t want to choose something that might be too big or small and not fit right. You want to make sure it’s something that fits nicely and you might want to pick an outfit that it will be easy for the funeral home to dress them in. The funeral home will be willing to work with whatever outfit you choose, but you will want to make sure it looks nice.


Something Affordable

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a nice outfit that you can use for a funeral service. If you are planning to buy something new because you can’t find something else, it might be the best option, but don’t feel obligated to buy a new outfit for a funeral. Instead, you can just choose something that they already own and may have worn often while living. This could even be something they told you was their favorite outfit and that they wanted to be dressed in for their funeral when they pass.

funeral homes in Kenner, LA


Something They Would Choose

It’s always a safe choice to pick something your loved one wore or would wear if they were living. This could be something they work often or something that is new but still looks like they would choose it or wear it often. You can go through their dressers and wardrobe or you can just go shopping and looking for clothing that matches their style and is something they would like. You can even shop at a yard sale or online to save some money.


When you lose a loved one and have to plan their funeral at funeral homes in Kenner, LA, you are faced with making a lot of choices about the details of that service. You might not know what kind of outfit you want to choose for the services, but you should consider the above suggestions to help you make your decision. If you need help making your funeral plans, you can reach out to L.A. Muhleisen & Son Funeral Home. We are here to help answer any questions you might have about the services. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.

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