Different Types Of Bio Urns

Posted on April 17, 2023 by Edward Muhleisen under Cremation Services
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Those who have lost a loved one and would like to lay them to rest in a meaningful way may find cremation services in Kenner, LA helpful. Consider the arrangements for their burial as well, so you can ensure they are laid to rest in a meaningful way. A decision must be made about what to do with the ashes after cremation. Consider creating an urn made from biomaterial if you would like to grow new life from your loved one’s ashes. To get you started, here are some options you may want to consider.


Tree Urns

From cremated ashes, a biodegradable urn can be used to grow an everlasting plant. There are many types of trees available on the market today. Considering what your loved one would want in their garden or yard when they were alive is a good way to begin planning. In case you like, you can plant it outside in your garden, or even in a different part of the house if you want. It will be a beautiful place to gather at the memorial as families gather together to share stories, drink coffee, read books, or simply to reflect on the lives of their loved ones.


Patio Urn

When placing an urn outside, you are able to plant ashes without having to worry about having to go to a particular place to do so. A patio urn allows you to plant a lovely plant or shrub as a lasting memorial to your loved one in the garden or on a balcony. The wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes available, means that you are sure to be able to find a product that will look good on your patio as well as in your home.


Scattering Urn

Approximately over 40% of cremated remains are dispersed as a result of a special ceremony, according to the Cremation Association of North America. Ashes are becoming increasingly popular for scattering during memorial services, but there is a lack of scattering urns on the market. As a general rule, urns made specifically for scattering ashes are typically used for this purpose. It is relatively easy and dignified to scatter ashes when they are encased in an urn fashioned with care and dignity. There are a variety of scattering urn sizes, but families may also combine all of the ashes into one urn if they so desire.


Small Plant Urn

Take it a step further by using a small, high quality plant urn alongside your wood urn if you want to take it one step further. Aside from their unique design, these planters also have small holes at the top for planting succulents in them.

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As you watch your loved one’s ashes growing within the hollowed-out urn, you will be able to remember them and feel a sense of comfort and peace knowing that the ashes are allowing life to thrive within the urn. It will be a great experience to observe how their ashes enable new life to bloom, and you’ll see that everything stays in place thanks to the magnets working to hold things in place as you use it.


The bio urns are one of the options you should think about when planning cremation for an individual you love. It is clear that by using your loved one’s ashes in this manner, you are helping the environment and you are helping something else grow at the same time. You can feel confident that our team is there to help you whether you need cremation services in Kenner, LA or you are planning on doing so. It is our goal to help you choose the right urn for your loved one’s ashes and work with you to ensure that their ashes are handled and cared for in an appropriate way following their death. It would be a pleasure if you stopped by our office and asked questions or we could give you more information.

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