Are There Different Types Of Cremations?

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The following factors should be considered before making a decision for cremation services in Destrehan, LA. You will have an easier time choosing the cremation option that suits your loved one’s needs and those of your family if you know the different cremation options available. Below are some basic facts about cremation.


What Is Green Cremation?

Cremation options include bio cremation, aqua cremation, and resonation. The corpse is reduced to bone ash by using potassium hydroxide and water. This is a common and natural reaction and while it takes time, it is the most natural way to handle the body without chemicals.


What is the Difference Between Bio-Cremation and Traditional Cremation?


Traditional Cremation

Due to the intense heat and flame of cremation, cremated remains can be used as urns or buried in urns. Cremation may be the best choice for those seeking a simple funeral.


Cremation can’t be standardized

A pacemaker will be removed from the deceased during the transfer to the crematorium.
Upon lowering the cremation containers into the crematorium, the cremation process begins
Summer temperatures in the mountains can reach 1400 degrees Fahrenheit
Gold, jewelry, and prosthetics are not burned by the extreme temperatures.

In general, cremations are separated by 12 to 3 hours on average. Once the cremated remains have cooled in the cremation chamber, they are brushed or raked clean. Furthermore, fragments can be further processed into uniform particles to produce cremated remains (ashes). Families can obtain temporary urns from crematories after cremation, or they can purchase their own.



Alkali and water are used to oxidize the remains of deceased individuals to reduce them to bone fragments. Stainless steel cremation chambers are used to place the deceased under pressure while they are being cremated. When 95 percent of the solution is water and 5 percent alkali, the temperature reaches 302°F. Bone fragments are recirculated in a solution of alkali and water to create sterilized solutions. Heat, alkali, and water are used to recirculate bone fragments. It is up to the family to decide whether to use a temporary urn or a permanent urn for cremated remains. There are many options to choose from.


The End Result of Bio-Cremation

It is possible to cremate an individual with flames, to bio-cremate him or her, or to bury them as part of a memorial service. In order for the transition process to be successful, stimuli are necessary. There is only one difference between the two: time. Cremation should be chosen by you and your family based on your preferences. Identify what you are going to do with the cremated remains after they have been disposed of.cremation services in Destrehan LA

Before you choose a cremation services in Destrehan, LA, consider all your options. Each family has its own cremation form. We would be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding your plans. Planning cremations or funerals involves a number of factors. Choosing the right option won’t be difficult since there is a clear explanation of the different options. We help you make the right decision for your loved one by guiding you through the process. Check out our news and event for more information.

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