Affordable Memorial Tributes

Posted on December 19, 2022 by Edward Muhleisen under Funeral Homes
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Monuments are often purchased following the death of a loved one. You can also honor the deceased by erecting monuments or building burial sites. These types of monuments are often expensive. Here are some tips and ideas to help you choose the best funeral homes in Destrehan, LA.



The photographs we keep in albums, on phones, or framed on the wall are treasures that we hold dear for a lifetime. Memorializing deceased loved ones often involves creating a photo montage. Through photos, scrapbooks, or memorial slideshows, you can preserve the memories of your loved one.


Cremation Jewelry

Keeping loved ones close to one’s heart can also be accomplished by wearing jewelry. People who find comfort in cremation ashes, photos, or hair locksets often wear them. The necklace can always remind you of your loved one whenever you wear it. Families and friends can also keep ashes close to their hearts by sharing them.


Memories of our Loved Ones

It is sometimes impossible to find comfort in memories when you are going through a difficult time. The stories and memories we share about those we’ve lost often require us to reach out to others. It would be nice if you could place a favorite story in a jar at the service or at home if your loved one had one. This jar is perfect for keeping track of upcoming events and special occasions. We might find our tech-savvy friends interested in a video of cherished family memories. Well-organized documents can be shared via social media, and keepsakes can be given as gifts.


Repurposing Belongings

Clothing from a deceased loved one can be made into stuffed animals, pillows, or blankets. What better way to recycle, repurpose, and reduce than reusing your lost one’s clothing? GThis collection will be treasured by generations of guests better to keep it than to throw it away or sell it.


Our Own Memorial Garden

In almost every household, there is a gardener. It would be nice to plant a tree in memory of someone you loved with flowers they loved, wouldn’t it? Sometimes it is customary to scatter or bury cremated remains in gardens. Stepping stones or benches can enhance the natural tribute. It may even be possible to plant your loved one’s memorial garden in a place that was meaningful to them in the first place. You have the option to take the ashes anywhere you choose whether its close or far away.funeral home in Destrehan LA

Families of deceased loved ones should be able to afford funeral tributes. At funeral homes in Destrehan, LA, we are here to assist you with funeral arrangements or to help you find affordable cremation services. You can rest assured that your loved one will receive the best care when you entrust us with their care. It does not have to be difficult to decide to hold a memorial service for a loved one. Developing a plan that meets the needs of your family is possible. In addition to providing services tailored to your needs, we strive to be a family-oriented company. You can customize your funeral service with our funeral directors.